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Benefits of Having A Blog!

Blogs – can be formal  or less formal – they can be used for FUN – or even be a private journal no one has to see! I created my blog BEFORE I released my book, so you can use your blog as inspiration to keep your creative juices flowing! You can have a blog for pictures, any topics of interest,  or any talent that you use for creative expression.

If you are writing, find and search around for others who blog about what you blog about. Some of your favorite authors have blogs.  Its good to comment on others blogs as well, and or ask them to be a guest blogger on your site. One of my favorite authors is my facebook friend, and she links back to her website anyone that mentions her name  and books on her blog! (Good way to gain exposure!)  Some of her readers could also  respond by writing on yours.   

Ready to Write?? ~ Here’s some tips for writing & blogging:

·     If you use the concept of “Time Boxing” –( you can commit to giving daily time to a blog for writing purposes with consistency).

·     Turn your email alerts off.

·     Give yourself daily quiet time.

·     Productivity starts with a clear desk.

·     Gather all the tools, resources, and instructions you will need before starting.

·     Keep a daily log – utilize the art of “life-tracking”. ( I do  this on the www.tumblr.com blog.)

·     Get regular aerobic exercise  – productivity increases when you have more energy!

Types of blogs online:

Tumblr : http://www.tumblr.com/

WordPress: www.wordpress.com

Typepad: www.typepad.com

Weebly: www.weebly.com

Instruction for Blogs

How to Keep UP  with your favorite blogs using RSS Feeders :  RSS feeder Video on Youtube: ( Helpful 3 minute video) *


Innovative  Blog Sites:

1. Blog Saavy http://bloggersavvy.com

2. Problogger : www.ProBlogger.net

3. Copyblogger: www.Copyblogger.net

Ten steps to becoming a better writer: http://www.copyblogger.com/mental-blocks-creative-thinking

Article on : “ Being Blogged Out” http://www.problogger.net/archives/2010/03/09/feeling-blogged-out-10-pro-bloggers-share-their-advice-on-what-to-do/

4. Lateral Action

www.LateralAction.com  ~ a creative synergy site

Article: “I Don’t know what I want to Say…”


 A toolbox for creative organization  on sites:


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