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Tell Them You’re a Writer…


writer pic 1 My husband has this saying that goes:

“Tell them what  you have to tell them, Tell them again, and  then Tell them what you told them.”

It’s something in telling others what we have to say. Telling…  can be hard for some people. I believe that’s why writing our life story can be so challenging. We sometimes have too much that is being told, feel vulnerable or even have a few secrets that  some don’t want revealed and so we hold back. ( But that’s not my subject today.) 

It’s not all that complicated…perhaps we just give too much “status”  to the term “writer”.  We make  the art  much more serious than it really is. Yes, I think we must remember that writing takes a discipline and a structure. but it also takes changing your voice, and then, your lifestyle.   If you love to write, then  you are a Writer! ( It’s not rocket science! )

I wrote  in a journal for 25 years before I actually wrote a book! Incidentally enough, my journal entries turned  INTO MY BOOK! I was a writer the day I decided I  loved it and wanted to do it everyday. I cultivated my craft, learned all I could about it, then I  settled into my writing shoes. And I wrote until I got better.

I believe what you call yourself, everyone else will. Let’s take our power back, stop worrying about what other people think, and WRITE and BE a writer!

Ok writers! Let’s get to believing what we want to be!!

 If you LOVE it, LIVE it!

Here’s that awesome article I read on 73 ways to Becoming a Better Writer –  Click here… you should read it, too!


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